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Are you tied of being on the hamster wheel of life?

Are you doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?

Are you hard wired to fail?

Welcome, you are in the right place!

 Spiritual healing is a form of energy works.  Do you want to create more energy and vibrancy in your physical, emotional, and spiritual life?

How do you find answers or even where do you begin? 

I set my classes virtually to save you travel time, let’s be honest who wants to “ travel ” and you are not paying me to travel to you!

 Update, Scheduled classes for May, June and July 2019!

I am excited to share with you my virtual Body Code sessions as part of my clinical.  

I need 10/20 clients for my portfolio:  Who would benefit from removing stuck energy that is causing pain, anxiety and decreased health? 

  •  The Body Code is now FREE!   WHY ?
  • Because it work!
  • You give me 5 referrals
  • sign up to host a DoTERRA Essensials  oil’s class

Your health is everything.  Value… PRICELESS !

• DoTERRA Essensial oils on going classes tofit your schedule and budget. 
• Mindfulness techniques that work!

Spirital healing through energy works is the missing link in our health care system today! 

The Emotion Code
The Emotion Code Is a energy healing method which identifies to releases trapped emotions that causes both emotional and or physical health issues.   The Emotion Code brings balance back to body’s energetic field, creating a connection body, mind and spirit!  I replace negative energy, thoughts, or emotions increasing our natural ability to heal our body for optimal health and well-being!  Give it a try!  


DoTERRA Essensial Oils( 100% natural)!

DoTERRA Essensial Oils Are Certified Pure Therapuetic Grade, safe and cost effective!   Used for thousands of years, the potency behind essential oils is in their ability to sustain your own natural healing systems.   Specially distilled oils like cinnamon, lavender and frankincense help reduce anxiety, digest zen increase or decrease appetite, and peppermint rejuvenate and ,energize your body.  They can be used in comfortable relaxing baths, and salves. Just one or two drops you can feel the incredible health benefits!

Contact me to set up a FREE class to sample oils or products you can purchase

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May 5, 2019

May 19,2019

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