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Can you imagine your child with less anxiety, fear or pain so they can handle life’s stress of school, daycare or after school program, sports, family and blended family life, technological media input, community and world violence leading to lock down in schools systems, losses, unhealthy relationships, and false self worth beliefs!

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What is in it for you , your child and family?

First of all i set my Emotion Code and Body Code sessions virtually to save you travel time, let’s be honest who wants to “ travel ” to Maine with your child as well as you are not paying me to travel to you!  If I am in your area I  meet you for a 1:1 sessions so ASK!

This saves you time, money and most important less stress on you and your child!

Now booking classes and sessions for October, November and December 2019!

Who would benefit from removing stuck energy that is causing fear, pain, anxiety and decreased health? Why not choose the Emotion or Body Code?

Schedule a Emotion or Body Code party with friends and family – it’s free and fun!  Call me for details.   If your family or friends sign up and pay for emotion or body code session with me, You receive a free session! Win Win! 

Your health is everything.  Value… PRICELESS !

    • DoTERRA Essential oils offers FREE classes are offered to fit your schedule and budget.  DoTerra Essential oils are a natural solution to balance body, mind and spirit! 
    • doTERRA Essentail oils offers monthly free oils that are amazing!
    • Go to  for details!
    • Mindfulness techniques that work to rewire the brain of false self worth beliefs!

Contact me to set up a FREE class or 1:1 to sample oils or products.

Contact me for your 15 minute phone consultation to decide if this energy healing is a good fit and/or schedule for a free class.

On-going classes are as follows:

Life Coaching ($100) Emotion Code ($137) Body Code ( $137)
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