LIVE to LOVE your LIFE not survive your life!


Welcome to my virtual office!

At Create Harmony I help people find the answers they are seeking. My holistic skills may promote comfort and wellness to empower you and your family to live naturally!

When should you come see me?   When you feel like you’ve done everything you can to help yourselves, you are reinventing the wheel over and over, and you are not moving forward in life!

Create Harmony is a place you find spiritual healing, natural remedies to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well being!

I look forward to you contacting me for a free discovery call to answer your questions on my Holistic Life Coaching Services I provide.

~ Holistic Life coaching services
~ Emotion code sessions
~ DoTerra Essentials Oils 1:1 appointments or classes are free.

You can sample or purchase 100% all natural oils at class.

Please be patient as I build my website!

Thank you,
Marianne Winnett
Holistic Life Coach
Emotion Code Practitioner
DoTerra Essentials Oils wellness advocate