Emotion Code/ Body Code!

It is my passion to educate and empower my clients as well as their family to integrate holistic health and wellness into their daily lives. During my 33 years as an Occupational Therapist (COTA) in good standing. I have blended my western medical training with eastern holistic techniques, ranging from Reiki, IET, reflexology, and kinesiology to name a few! I am happy to announce that Create Harmony Holistic Life Coaching has three packages to offer through my virtual office!!! The packages I offer may release symptoms you are chasing, allowing you to move forward in your life! The packages are Holistic Life Coaching, Emotion Code, Body Code .

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I believe this is missing link to our health care system today! The Emotion Code / Body Code  is an energy healing method. Keeping trapped emotions within your body can substantially affect your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The healing process identifies to release trapped emotions that causes both emotional and physical health issues. The Emotion Code brings balance back to the body’s energetic field, creating a connection of body, mind and spirit.

By removing negative energy, thoughts, or emotions we will increase our natural ability to heal our body for optimal health and well being!!! Read more about the Emotion Code. Can you imagine waking up happy with more energy and less muscular tension!

I just learned I can present a Emotion Code or Body Code class for FREE!

Contact me for your 15 minute phone consult to see if this energy healing is a good fit or schedule for a free class.

Life Coaching ($100) Emotion Code ($137.) Body Code ( $137.)
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Marianne Winnett

Create Harmony Holistic Life Coach, Emotion Code Practitioner, & Body Code Practitioner