Emotion Code/ Body Code!

It is my passion to educate and empower my clients, their parents as well as their family to integrate energy healing health and wellness into their daily lives.

Well how do I do that ?

What I offer may release symptoms you are chasing for your child, allowing your child to move forward in their life through 2/3 techniques, Rieki.  Emotion Code and Body Code sessions.   The emotion or body code is a form of energy healing developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson a holistic chiropractor.  Reiki is another form of energy healing that has been around for a long time and it works beautifully.

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I believe with passion this is missing link to our health care system today!

The Emotion Code is a energy healing method which identifies to releases trapped emotions that causes both emotional and or physical health issues.   The Emotion Code brings balance back to body’s energetic field, creating a connection body, mind and spirit!  I replace negative energy, thoughts, or emotions increasing our natural ability to heal our body for optimal health and well-being!  Give it a try!

Every kind of imbalance that is affecting your body is found in The Body Code  I have been trained to find and remove each imbalance, one by one.  This is the most powerful and direct way to make conditions right for healing, when your body is balanced you may experience better health.  The body code is helping people experience profound shifts in their emotional, mental and physical well being.

By removing negative energy, thoughts, or emotions we will increase our natural ability to heal our body for optimal health and well being!.

Can you imagine your child or you waking up happy with more energy, joy and laughter!  The ripple affect of Joy is truly amazing!

I can present a Emotion Code or Body Code presentation for FREE – see classes for details!

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