2019 New Year’s Eve  is right around the corner.  

What does that mean to you?

January 2019 Is a year where I welcome positive change – it is happening all around me.  I am ready.   It started in November 2018 when I started mindfulness techniques.

It takes 3 minutes in morning and 3 minutes at night, a pen and paper!

AMAZING results!

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Quote of the month!

November 18, 2018

Act of kindness does not have to cost money.  I intent to do one act of kindness daily!

Reflections –  January 2019 is coming soon!   Look into the mirror what do you see?  Look how far you have come and what is positively working in your life!

Refuel – As I continue to incorporate mindfulness techniques into my life I am sleeping more!  We all know sleeping helps heals the body and mind! 

Refocus-  I will focus on what is working in my life: mindful techniques to DREAM BIG! 


Not all storms come in to disrupt your life, Some come in to clear your path!!This quote is from Albert Eistien

” We can not solve the problem with the same thinking we used when we created them”